bedroom tales II #poetry

lay in the bed, my king

the night is deep

narcissi are in bloom

and aromatic wine long went to sleep

enclosed into the amphorae’s hips

cross your hands

under your head

let your liquid soul

meet mine into my estuaries’ dreams

i will make sure

the moon rises in sky

i will anoint your feet

with heavy scented hip rose oil

and like Scheherazade

i’ll spend the night

whisperings tales that have no end

now listen

my eyes are heavy

my love is in humid bloom

and far in the horizon

between the earth and sky

breathes an orange moon.


Narcissism is not inspirational. Narcissi are.


20 thoughts on “bedroom tales II #poetry

    1. Aw… thank you for your wonderful comment! always glad to have you reading my work!

    1. Thank you so much, Eric! Not your cup of tea from what I understand 🙂 (if my understanding is correct, which is never a given :)) So, I am really glad you liked it

  1. aww perfect blending of the world’s time and of sweet and salty waters . Roma, the songs of Solomon and the Arabic nights! and all this magic under the sign of the orange moon behind the horizon!

    1. What an exquisite comment dear B! I hope you are talking about my poem😊 Kidding thank you so much!!!

    1. Aw… thank you so much my dear Y. Your beautiful words are a blessing. 🌸💐☘️


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