Loneliness #Flash Fiction

In the depth of the labyrinth loneliness feasts on me like the Minotaur on a virgin.

Outside ghastly darkness suffocates green olive branches.

You are close. I can’t see you, but the scent of your body impregnates me.

Grab the sword of Aegeus!

Save me.


17 thoughts on “Loneliness #Flash Fiction

  1. Some powerful imagery here: Minotaur devouring a virgin being the fiercest one. The way you have alluded that depiction to loneliness eating away at the poet is one that is truly marvelous, goes to show just how strong the emotion is.

    How powerful it (loneliness) is that it overpowers not just the inside but the outside too (as indicated by darkness eating at the branches)!

    And then the twist of his scent “impregnating you” makes it a little better by saying his thoughts in your head are more powerful than the dreadful loneliness. That makes it so much better.

    Virgin being impregnated…another riddle-like metaphor. Brilliant!

    Another thing I couldn’t help noticing was the substitute names you’ve used for Ovid and Zeus. Very impressive.

    Grabbing the sword of Zeus (Aegues) is indicative of striking the loneliness with thoughts of love. Correct me if I’m wrong, please.

    This was a gripping read, to say the least.

    1. Thank you, my dearest Nandita. What have I done to deserve such an exquisite comment: a comment longer than my post? I am very grateful to you for your wonderful analysis. Why would I correct you? The wonder is not only in a writing, but also in the way the reader perceives it. It is this marvelous perception of yours that I am interested in. So, shower me with your feelings and your interpretations ( I have to say in this case we do resonate:)_ Thank you again for your beautiful comment, my dear! xoxo

      1. Very few poets/writers evoke this reader in me. I think I have said that to you before, no? I enjoy your writings immensely, they make me think and take me on different journeys inside my mind. And hence, I feel compelled to leave long comments almost every time. Because I can’t just say ‘beautiful’ or ‘great work’ when the piece begs to be read in depth, as it rightly deserves.

        My pleasure, my dear xoxo

      2. You are a great poetess, reader, and critic; not too many people can write like you, and analyze like you. I think you know this. You are very gifted, my dear. Thank you again! May you always be surrounded by love! xoxo

      3. Just yesterday, I was telling A that it is so important to be a good reader, if you want to be a good poet.
        Thank you for your extremely kind words about me. I appreciate them very much.

        May love surround you too. Always. xoxo.

    1. Ah, I know you love her and you are taking good care of her. Glad you liked that metaphor. I kind of like it too 🙂

  2. this ship, very light
    through turquoise waves
    brings song and tears
    to all to
    the island of Minos

    only the hero will return
    on the thread of Ariadne
    to make a new summer

    1. gorgeous poem, my dear B. Thank you for sharing! I am waiting for the hero to return… 🙂 🙂 🙂 It’s a long wait…

      1. Thank you for your generous words, dear G. Of course, it will come back if there is a very thin thread. The important thing is that his sword was inherited ….

      2. The importance of inheritance. I see various meanings here, dear B.

      3. Oh dear G! The better a reader, the more meaning you will find. Especially you who, apart from an excellent reader, are also a magnificent artist!


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