sacred love #poetry

among the mystic folds of the ancient night

a sacred empire of love waits for us

you kneel:

“your crown, my queen”

i kneel:

“your spade, my king”

white drapes float in the wind

the eyelashes of a red evening close upon the heated desert

scents of sandalwood linger on my forehead

i grow upon your body

like flowering Spanish moss

upon a tree

under the naked stars

your skin taste myrrh

wild roses crawl on my left arm

a silver cross sleeps on your chest

i touch it with my lips

the ring on your finger tattoos my thighs

sacred love.





27 thoughts on “sacred love #poetry

    1. Eric, I have no words to thank you for your unbelievable support and help. I am so thrilled that you like my writings. Again, a heartfelt thank you!

  1. This poem fascinates me. Beyond the beautiful visual imagery, I feel like it is about something more symbolic; like this is about nature growing over the body of a sacred life now buried and love growing into the land. — Stephen


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