gardens of love #evening fantasy

The night was black.

The moon was white.

Between the night and the moon, the prismatic membranes of my soul played the cords of a lyre.

Diaphanous tones kissed the air.

The moonlight passed through my soul.

I heard the aromatic pulse of the earth.

I lay on the ground.

Rays of colors played on my shimmering body.

Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet:


my rebellious red blood – contaminated with verses – ran from my heart to yours;

the smell of orange trees bloomed in my hair like in those forgotten Sunday afternoons in which we used to make love;

i saw the eternal pregnant egg yolk – heavy as the promise of a tropical passion night- the imperishable yellow from around your finger

a green iguana blinked and opened its “third eye” inscribing on my thighs the fairy-tales of the women you loved.

a bird gave me the evil eye: children’s fingers colored in blue hung on the Hand of Fatima trying to protect me;

it smelled violets; caressed by languorous leaves i fell in the autumn kiss in which we first met.



I turned around.

My naked body touched yours.

Between your skin and mine the sensuality of colors grew aromatic gardens

Gardens of love.


29 thoughts on “gardens of love #evening fantasy

  1. Honestly, with every new piece you are getting more and more mystical. I cannot claim to have understood every little nuance here, but i took such a leisurely walk through your garden of love that the pixie dust is now shimmering on my naked skin. As as the iguana you so vividly described as having opened it’s third eye (a stellar usage of metaphor), I felt my thighs receding into oblivion as I felt the dilemma of love upon being caressed by my beloved and the pain of having to see the memories of his former loves flashing in his eyes. It made me moan and sigh at the same time.
    Such was the potency of your lines that I turned a Sufi saint and a nymph both at the same time.
    Spectacular, to say the least. Moonlight passing through the soul was a breathtaking as was the aromatic pulse of the earth.

    1. I should say thank you to you a million times, my dear Nandita! I am so glad that my writings speak to you. And as I take a walk through your analysis I cannot stop marveling at how talented you are as a poet and as a critic,. thank you again xoxo

  2. Enchanting poetry today, my dear friend! Your diction is always open, honest, yet mysterious. I love contradictions. And your poetry and prose, I feel, tells stories and love and loss yet you tell it differently; it’s achingly tender and heartbreaking all at once. Gardens of love, though? It’s magical. I cannot find words pertinent enough to describe the wonder I am feeling; just know you are gifted!! 😄

    1. ah, my dearest K, your words mean the world to me. Thank you so much for your wonderful analysis! xoxo

  3. ABSOLUTE monumental work! I just do not want to do an analysis. Here the analysis would destroy the magic! I do not know for what reason, but I have no problem reading the symbolism. Even only this line “a bird gave me the evil eye: children’s fingers colored in blue hung on the Hand of Fatima trying to protect me””is enough for me to tremble.. A deep salaam!!!

  4. Ah, my dear B, thank you for your words and thank you for leaving the magic untouched… I fact my dear B, you create magic… so , why would you destroy it? Thank you again for your generous compliment. it’s really humbling. . ..

    1. Aww.. Dear Eric, I’m most grateful to you for your comment. It humbles and delights me. Come to think of it it’s even better than my poem. How were the scones today? 🙂

      1. Cream teas an occasional treat nowadays, my waistline is pleased to say. I may be wrong (apparently I often am!) but I sense your academic bent that of the arts, mythology and classical history – your poetry steeped in more than being well read it seems? My bent of the sciences, my curse to be drawn to being over analytical – the words I write my antidote! You have class for sure that all can see. Coming up to 8 pm here, a glass of red beckoning me. Cheers. Eric

      2. “You have class” Thank you Eric , so do you! “tThe words I write my antidote” : same here, To some extent that answers your question about my academic background. The only question left unanswered “what is that red? ” 🙂 Cheers, G.

    1. GM! Thank you for your wonderful words!

      Hang in there. It will get better. Remember you have lots of supporters. This too shall pass.

      1. Awwww… What have you done to me? I am taking my words back!!! I am thrilled to you had a wonderful day!!!! May this one be wonderful too!

    1. Thank you my dearest Y! I may have learned to be an universes from you, fort you are certainly a beautiful one.


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