Fathoms of Kisses #Evening Fantasy #Short Prose

Last night it rained ruby wine on the white roses in my garden

In the dim moonlight a small orange bird told me I cut myself

I looked at my thighs

Translucent chantilly lace silently hugging my skin: slight marks left by your teeth

I looked at my palms

Fathoms of your kisses floating on my fingers: violet water lilies sleeping on hidden emerald lakes

The night was ripped by the gallop of an Arabian horse: the painful beatings of your heart calling for me.

I ran toward you: thorns scratched my skin, dry branches blocked my way

I felt pain

I kept running from one century to another

Smell of scented candles flickered on the heavy silver of the icons

I trapped you in my humid dream like a naked pearl trapped by a shell

We made love in silky sheets of poetry

I could hear the purr of pharaoh’s cat…

What century was that?



29 thoughts on “Fathoms of Kisses #Evening Fantasy #Short Prose

    1. Thank you so much my dear B! What a beautiful comment.: “trapped in the trap of eternity”
      If I may steel that from you:

      trapped in the trap of eternity
      chestnut trees in bloom …


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