on my fragile skin #poetry

the bed grows fragrant roots

the night flavors mango juices

candles flicker on yearning bodies of fated lovers

centuries pass


riverbeds of dry wrinkles


no one writes to the colonel

in a corner

from a cacti’s areola a flower grows

the night whispers rapid drops of rain

“i don’t have a throne, my queen

or somebody that understands me” *

over and over

your voice plays

on my fragile skin


“no tengo trono ni reina

ni nadie que me comprenda

Luis Miguel Gallego Basteri, “El Rey


13 thoughts on “on my fragile skin #poetry

    1. Haha! Well, my dear friend I just want you to enjoy . That’s more than enough.

  1. ah, master writing again with intertextual links! perfect work, sensational! words are airy as a voice after drops of rain at dawn after night at cockfights!

    1. Thank you so much, my dearest B, your words always bring out the best from my poems: interrupted centuries of love, drops of rain at dawn, longing for a king who thinks he cannot be understood…a rare flower/ cacti… thank you for reading it and feeling it.

      1. how generous you are, dear G ! just the sensation is synchronic, it’s enigmatic, the magic of your words is deep in my heart! but, really, it’s right Nadita for “timeless love to be watched in awe without meaning to be deciphered”! The right word is ave !!! AVE, G !!!

      2. AW… Am I “creating” timeless love? I am overwhelmed, my dear B.

  2. Supongo que entiendes el español desde que citaste a El Rey.

    This was a difficult one, G. even for me. Enigmatic, to say the least. There is something much deeper going on here. The lament in the voice of the colonel, the flower growing out of the cactus, mango juice being the flavor of the night…almost like a motion picture on timeless love meant to be watched in awe without meaning to be deciphered.. I saw an ancient mansion almost in ruins with a neglected garden among many other things. But the treasure among the ruins was your impeccable wordplay and diction and the way you kept the audience hooked by your screenplay..

    1. I love you analysis my dearest Nandita. Thank you. It is mostly what I want to convey.” I saw an ancient mansion almost in ruins with a neglected garden among many other things” very interesting. You really picked an imagine from Marquez’s book “no one writes to the colonel”. The cockfights’ inspiration comes from Marquez too. Do I want to convey desperation in nights when the mangoes get flavored? love overcoming everything (the flower growing from the cactus), the voice of my king who thinks he is not understood? yes… and there is more to this. you are right. You are fabulous, Nandita, Thank you so much!!!!

  3. She is fabulous. The poem was lovely. Perhaps, I an exhausted from catching up on my blog reading, so I can’t say I captured its true meaning, but when I read the Queen’s comments, then reread and captured its true essence. Very well done.

    1. Thank you! I am glad you liked it! Your Queen leads the way. I just visited your blog. Beautiful poem. However, your posts do not appear in my reader. I have to have another chat with WP.


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