jasmine rain #flash fiction

One day a scented spring will wash the blackness of your silences away from my skin.

A few months ago it rained jasmine: blossomed fragrant skin.

You didn’t notice.


25 thoughts on “jasmine rain #flash fiction

      1. You are never late, my dear. I am glad to have you here anytime you can.

    1. Thank you so much my dear Y! Maybe this person lives only in my imagination 🙂 maybe those verses are just me. Like your magnificent poetry which, at the end of the day. it’s you. Lots of love Y!

      1. You are most welcome , honey bunny. We are all dreamers , at the end of the day , poetry comforts me.

      2. It comforts all of us, That’s the most important thing . May you have a fabulous weekend Y!

  1. I don’t mean to pry , you don’t have to answer but just so you know , your poetry fills up the space in this universe. Thank you for penning such delicious lines.

  2. The possibility of a scented spring to breathe away the pain of absence and the past occurence of Jasmine rain that could not smell the blossomed body…a heartbreakingly beautiful juxtaposition of emotions between what was and what could have been.

    ‘You didn’t notice’… the hurt there which you have only so delicately just hinted at by immediately preceding it with the blossomed fragrant skin…tells me about expectations and disappointments.

    I’m sorry if I read too much into your poetry. And also, if I’m way off in my interpretation. But the fact remains, very few poets do this to me… Andrew and you to name two.

    1. As usually, so grateful my dear Nandita for your time, effort, and magnificent analysis. Your words are pearls shining on an island’s night. No, you are not off in your interpretation, my dearest. Thank you again….may the time of love surround you forever.

  3. ah, the magic of jasmine … pulsating my breath … mastery in three lines to thicken the time in one spring … yes, this is noticed!


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