in love with you #poetry

silky winds

dress my body

in ocean spumes

my heart drifts toward yours

in the humid morning garden

drops of dew

verse on my palms

each rose


in love with you




34 thoughts on “in love with you #poetry

  1. The allusion of dew drops to verse on palms is one to die for. How beautiful! I could see the evaporation of the dew as silent prayers you recite, blowing in the wind and dissipating into the ether from your palms. And the humid morning speaks to me of a sultry night spent in a beautiful session of intimacy with the ocean being a silent witness. Oh my! The beauty of this little gem! I love your poetry. Its one of the finest i get to read here on WP.
    If i may be bold enough, id like to dedicate this to my love (who should be here shortly to marvel at your work).
    Oh and “each rose helplessly in love with you”… makes me SIGH!

    1. Ah.. you are so sweet! Dedicate the poem to your love if you wish… but, my magnificent poetess, may I dedicate that treasure in your last poem (i pointed out to it in my comment on your blog) to someone very dear to me? those words inscribed by your last poem on the Parthenon of love…I am still mulling over those words of yours.

      1. Oh and did i mention the prayer i said is my allusion to lovemaking. ☺️😜
        And yes, I read your comment. Just that I’m rushing somewhere. Just wanted to make sure I leave my words on your brilliant work of art. Catch you later, my dearest.

    1. Thank so much! You and Nandita make me blush. You guys are so sweet, and so talented! I’m overwhelmed!

    1. Thank you so much Eric! I wish you would understand what a pleasure is to read you work. I wish I could write like you; that shortness of phrase, that unbelievable humor. Please take what I put down now as a big compliment. Because it is. Every time I read you I am reminded of the exchange between Nancy Astor and Winston Churchill. ““If I Were Your Wife I’d Put Poison in Your Tea!” “If I Were Your Husband I’d Drink It”. Obviously is not about poisoning anybody. It is that black humor. You are very talented Eric! Here we go: I used too many words 🙂

  2. Oh, how beautiful writing of rice paper! With calligraphic signs is the garden of love, in which lovers create beauty!

    1. Oh, my dear B, I cannot create beauty as masterfully as you do. But certainly, I am grateful to you for appreciating my work. Your today’s post is fabulous!

      1. Oh dear G! With extraordinary finesse you shift the attention of the reader from your subtle writing with the tip of the calligraphic brush! Ah, do not forget that the pleasure of reading your works is exceptional !!!

      1. You are welcome! You words humble me too. So there 🙂 let’s try to write great poetry and envoy each day!


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