cupid’s bow #poetry

cupid shoots his bow

i hide behind a wall of scented memories

then I run

tens of arrows follow me

i stumble upon the root of a banyan tree

it smells sap and salty air

a Spanish guitar vaguely murmurs

i remember dancing in Santo Domingo

arching my back

moving my hips

i still run

arrows follow me

i can see Granada

i can see Pompei

agonizing pain in my left arm

i fall into a bed of violet azaleas

there is no air between your skin and mine

you bite my lips

your hands press on my thighs

passions burst on my neck

in a million of silky butterflies

i can’t breathe

the die is cast

tomorrow’s salvation

is yesterday’s past




14 thoughts on “cupid’s bow #poetry

    1. Thank you soooomuch! I thought I could protect myself from cupid 🙂 🙂 🙂 one can avoid a bow. Eros and his dice are worst 🙂


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