maritime lovers #evening fantasy

your arm rises from the middle of a colony of orange fish

a Portuguese man o’war stings my arteries

purple venom changes the color of my skin

the ocean holds you back

a red coral hurts my right thigh

my blood attracts sharks

i want to reach you

i dive deeper

phantoms of your love words spread on the surface of my brain

green ivy on a wall of bricks

seahorses show me the way

i see you

you swim with a yellow-edged lyretail

you turn around

your eyes pierce into mine

don’t speak!

if you speak we’ll die!



your “i love you” cuts the ocean in two


avalanches of water fall from the sky

stars shed tears on the forgotten tomb of maritime lovers

why couldn’t you wait?


you smile

your kisses caress my lips

yellow angel fish surround us

humid silent touches




36 thoughts on “maritime lovers #evening fantasy

  1. Your ‘i love you’ cuts the ocean into two
    Your avalanches of water fall from the sky

    These two lines stood out for me. I love this poem for the sheer beauty of its superb imagery, the flow, the diction and the feeling it left me with…

      1. You’re so welcome. Great poetry deserves a lot of love and in-depth reading. The fluidity if your poem is what caught my attention from the get go. And the best part you, maintained it. So masterful in it’s delivery. I am still swooning over the I love you cutting through the ocean. The depiction of such powerful love.. and the avalanches of water falling from the sky..brilliant metaphorization of rain. I will read this poem again to catch the other nuances and hopefully give you more analysis of the other wonderful techniques you’ve used. For now, please know this was a glorious work of art.

      2. Ah, my dearest, thank you so much! you made me blush! I think I like your analysis more than I like my poem! Thank you again!

      3. I won’t be lying if I told you this was the best read of the day for me. And yesterday’s too. After my lonely author’s post. Lol. Sorry but I’m so dedicated to him. 😀

  2. I was born to swim in the shallow,
    as fish-moon
    love, turn off the lights –
    in the night there is a view of the coast.

    Three oranges, love,
    like a shot, enlighten
    on the balcony with ivy wrapped,
    powder from the heart,
    hearts of dust.

    The night sails as a ship
    for islands,
    my love – no heart.

    1. Ah….beautiful poetry!!! Just for the sake of replying, because I can’t verse like you my dear B!

      in the night of lonely ship
      cherry blossoms rain blue love
      hands of a geisha
      soft touches
      hearts pulsate again
      night of love
      born in paradise

      1. Ah, I have nothing to analyze because Nandita said it brilliantly. That’s what I’m gonna keep silent about and I’ll just react …

        this will be yours.
        With the stars
        to see you.
        In the garden with bonsai
        under the shamisen sounds
        in blue.
        with the days
        smothering on his palm.
        The aroma of hay
        and my dream.

      2. What a fabulous silence, dear B. If your silences are like this, I may have to ask you to be silent all the time 🙂 so everybody can enjoy your beautiful poetry!

  3. I agree with Nandita these two lines stood out for me too “Your ‘i love you’ cuts the ocean into two
    Your avalanches of water fall from the sky”. You have created a vivid imagery with your well crafted words.

      1. Just read that you live so deep in the ocean, and now you’re bringing it from the bottom of your heart. 😛
        Have a good time ahead 🙂

      2. Ah… I did not think of this. May you have a good times ahead too!


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