steal me #poetry

steal me at midnight

the jasmine is in bloom

tulips shed their virgin looks

my body craves your unknown touches

wolves are howling at the moons


run with me in our cherry grove

make for us a bed from lilac blossoms

make pillows from the scents of violets

with drops of shooting stars paint our tears

woven from a peacock’s feathers coverlets


voice your desires like you utter a confession

tell me what you have never told to other women

redeem yourself in my eyes’ lagoons

let my cherry lips caress your wounds

it’s midnight

and wolves are howling at the moons


it takes work to transform a cur into a wolf


31 thoughts on “steal me #poetry

  1. wow .. the wolf
    with colorful fur howling at the moons! so the wolf tells the story as a confession. the moon is the only one in the night. Colorful and sensual writing!


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