Pedro di Santa Fe #evening fantasy

a sunset dressed in purple royal palm trees

folds of white drapes move like courtesans in a hot humid breeze

an open orchid falls and gently rocks my drink

your poetry stains my soul with red carnations’ ghosts

i dream of you…


he moves

somebody calls him Pedro

his eyes two abysses filled with desires

his body flames the tunes of Spanish songs

his passion makes the scented tavern swell

the white drapes cry and fall in love with him

he slowly sips my drink

i want to touch his lips

the ghost of a carnation pulls me back!


your poetry!

i will wait for an eternity…


i laugh

i leave

an old song hunts me

Pedro, Pedro, Pedro, Pedro, Pedro, Pe

Bellissima Aventura di Santa Fe

i leave

i laugh

the purple palm trees wave at me.




25 thoughts on “Pedro di Santa Fe #evening fantasy

  1. I guess the Spanish flavor really intrigues me. This is wonderful.
    The love line about the poetry and red carnation ghosts.
    The line in Spanish regarding the avenue was a very sweet touch as well.
    In my humble opinion this was Dulce.

    1. Dulce. Thank you for your beautiful words! They touch my heart! Dulce De Leche Martini for the evening? 🙂 Will that be ok? 🙂

      1. lol. I am the one who initiated the conversation about drinks. They will think I am a drunk! In fact, I rarely drink. Enjoy the NYC morning! Hope you guys are having a great spring!

      2. lol I have a glass or two of wine once a week. An actual drink maybe once a month. Depends on the social calendar, but I do tend to mention alcohol quite often. Today we are having one of our first spring like days, but that doesn’t matter. I am having a great spring. Thanks. Hope you are as well.

      3. I am glad to hear that. I though so!
        Ah.. and I was just ready to move the conversation to fettuccine alfredo. 🙂 Now i can’t. Stay away of pasta!

      4. As much as I love everything Italian, (except for the women) I don’t want to get myself in trouble. Tomato sauce always give me heartburn.
        Yeah, carbs are the enemy.

  2. Ah, I do not know if it is called Raffaella, but I would like to call my name Pedro of Santa Fe. She dances in words and colors and immensely captivates you. Beauty in a handful!

    1. Ah… thank you so much!!! That is really sweet of you! Indeed, her name is Raffaella Carra. And you are right. She dances beautifully.

    1. Oh.. you are here my dear Y! Thank you sooo much for your generous comment! I am so grateful to you. And I am so happy to hear from you!!!! Hope you’re enjoying your Sunday!

      1. I enjoyed my Sunday when I read your verse. Thank you , G. You are quite something. I am
        curious about you , G. Your mind is creative.

      2. Ah… thank! you!

        My mind is not more creative than yours. You are soooo talented. I am curious about you too. We need to do something about that.


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