make me immortal #poetry

sing me the romance of the lovers

who in another century have met

in evening gardens shadowed by purple violets

and rained with pastel painted butterflies


i’ll live like Venus in Botticelli’s primavera

touched by a gentle wind born in the west

watching the dance of the three graces

with virgin eyes picked from your sweetest dreams

i’ll spring into an evening late in autumn

like Cleopatra under Caesar’s heavy eyes

coiling my naked body into ropes of fire

until i’ll melt like wax the pride of an empire

i’ll live in your words forever

like Mary Magdalene between two worlds

feeling the darkest desperation

when blood was flowing from His wounds


sing me the romance of the lovers

when the first morning washes our sins

make me immortal with your words

when between pearly silky sheets

two fragrant flowers gently dream.





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    1. Ah, thank you soooo much!!!! I am do glad you liked it. Sorry, for nor replying sooner. I found the comment in my spam folder.


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