Astral Mandolins #poetry

Play in your room the mandolin tonight

Painting the air with aurora borealisโ€™ verses

When arabesque designs awake my soul

The shining sound the time reverses.


Play in the streets your mandolin tonight

Into the touching of the cords your love for me

The beatings of my heart choreograph the scenes

Making the aurora australis never flee.


When you are done, come to my room

We can unmake the bed, and lie in silence still

Immersed into the sounds of astral mandolins

Watching hermetic lovers dancing the quadrille.




36 thoughts on “Astral Mandolins #poetry

      1. You are too kind! My poem aside I am always glad to hear from you! You make me happy!

    1. Thank you kindly, dear B. I am very grateful for your appreciation and your beautiful comment!

  1. This was gorgeous.

    I know you are extremely busy so I feel terrible bothering you.
    Whenever you have a break, would you be interested in reading my first chapter?
    If you can’t I totally understand. I get overwhelmed with requests to read poetry and sample chapters. So, believe me I understand.

    And apologies for writing you here. I really have no choice. Not interested in showing it
    to just anyone.

    Have a gorgeous day G.

    1. I would be thrilled to read your chapter, Drew. You do not bother me at all. You became one of my best friends.
      I’ll read your chapter on Christmas night. How about that?

      1. Smiling. Thank you. I need to do one or two tweaks. I will send it to your next weekend. It is a second draft. So it isn’t perfect yet.
        I value your opinion. Thanks so much. I have never let anyone read my work before. But Christmas day?
        Lol sure if you wish

      2. You are most welcome. Looking forward to reading it. It will be Christmas evening, or Christmas night. Christmas day is a total different story.
        Take care, Drew!


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