rain of love #poetry

i’ll give you vestal virgins who will guard

your deepest mystical desires

i’ll bathe you in the ecstasies of the first sin

and resurrect the shyness of the bridal night

i’ll dress a million skies with new bright stars

to flame the oceans from within

my body now transformed into fresh grains

so you can feed all children from my palms

i’ll order our naked goddess to surrender

to kisses that you dream of in the night

i’ll make red roses bloom on Himalayas

and teach you to collect gold honey from their cliffs

i’ll give you all you craved for in your ancient lives

just come and rain your love on me.


no depletion 


40 thoughts on “rain of love #poetry

      1. hahaha. I am laughing. I read it like 420 poem. lols.
        I don’t know what should I say lol. I have always preferred 420 over Mojito and all. It because I am too.
        Today I started a song on my 420 hour. I would love to have your thought on it. Coz it feels a bit strange to me now. I know I had loved it then.

      2. Haha! It can be a bit confusing, I admit 🙂 I am always happy to listen to your songs! looking forward to it!

      3. There are many ways to that. I have had an infused drink. Maybe it’s a different. But it was a drink. My friends do it over cookies as well. 🙂

    1. Ah… I was about to miss your comment. Thank you so my, my dear Y. As always your comments mean a lot to me!

  1. Beautiful plastic pictures with a vision of Nirvana. Ah, I do not have the best words for this masterpiece! Gorgeous as a rich autumn rain!

    1. Thank you so much, my dear B. As always the words of a great poet mean a lot to me! Glad you enjoyed it!

      1. Ah, I am flattered and humble! Your exceptional words are pearls for every soul. But, please, the pleasure is just and exclusively mine!

  2. I am just smiling at the beauty of this after reading it. Keep up the good work! I don’t know if this was intentional, but You did not capitalize some of your ‘I’ in some of your sentences that begin with I’ll. I would love if you stopped by my blog and share your insight on my work. Feel free to leave your thoughts in the post comments.Keep writing!

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and appreciating my work. I look forward to reading your posts.


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