i’m not the first #poetry

tell me that tomorrow we will meet

don’t tell me where

the frantic beating of your heart

under the linden trees

will show the way

like pebbles

in a story written

by the Brothers Grimm


in the first night

that we will spend together

tell me we’ll drink ambrosia

and feel immortal

like some Greek gods

carved on the frontispiece

of a forgotten Parthenon


when morning comes

kiss me good-bye

and leave

i’m not the first

i’m not the last

who comes into your life

and then becomes the past.


13 thoughts on “i’m not the first #poetry

  1. Very well written..but leaves the reader with a sense of sadness at the end. Many of us would relate to this as most of the people have experienced a heart break at some point of time in life..


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