worlds of fantasies #poetry

my tropic grows an ocean

spumes drip on my skin

cyclones are my kisses

spiraling your trees

rolling on your touches

like snatched leaves in the wind

galloping your dreams

through worlds of fantasies

where little magic fairies

crave your naked body

under umbrous trees

my hands drag you with me

in a humid sleep

a thousand times deep.




7 thoughts on “worlds of fantasies #poetry

    1. Thank you so much for those divine verses! They really are divine.

      “Chariots of copper and silver
      Prows of silver and steel –
      Thresh the foam, –
      Plough up the roots of the thornback. ”
      A. R.

      1. oh, how strong words …
        In front of AR words I can only keep silent ………

        Vers les piliers de la forêt, –
        Vers les fûts de la jetée,
        Dont l’angle est heurté par des
        tourbillons de lumière.


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