i want your love #poetry


i want your love tonight in Madeira

to touch my skin and incubate my dreams

in Paul do Mar the hour when the water

metamorphoses boiling in red wine


i want to dive with you in subterranean desires

the minute when the breezes unveil me

i want my skin to flare under your kisses

your heart of gold forever to be mine.


31 thoughts on “i want your love #poetry

  1. Wow, what a romantic song! Thank you for that

    the screen is
    rusty tray
    on which my heart
    is ready for Festa da Lapa
    decoration for your lips

    1. Thank you for your flattering comment, dear B! And thank you for the beautiful verses. Festa da Lapa.!!! That lasts three nights and three days! I have to write a poem called “I want your love for three days, not only for one night” 🙂 🙂 🙂 Kidding. Thank you again for your support. !


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