Viking virgin #Glass Lovers (excerpt)

She looked like a Viking virgin: long blond hair, tense body, steely look in her blue eyes.

There was a wild quality of a hunted animal about her.


Men were attracted to her, precisely because she was unattainable.


Jacques spoke:

“Ah.. how the impossibility of possessing a woman provokes some men, makes their blood boil more than the lascivious glances of an entire harem!”

Miguel said nothing.


Excerpts from the manuscript Glass Lovers 


tango me #poetry

tango me through wars and tears

until you sew my wounds and crack my lips

until children running in the streets

touch my body with their fears.


tango me through narrow hidden alleys

in which eternal lovers passionately kissed

against the coolness of gray walls in summer nights

play with my dreams like children play with kites.


tango me into your battered soul

until we feel the pain of ancient knives

teach me the moves of mystic loves

and tango me until the end of life.