purple love #flash fiction

His dreams blossomed inside me like jacaranda trees in April.

His exquisite poems – written in purple ink – adorned my skin.

In the dim moonlight lying in bed – all scented in lavender – I ruminate.

A great poet once said: “Extract the eternal from the ephemeral.”

While reading his poems I tried to do just that.

Between lines I found only one thing: love.


Charles Baudelaire: “Extract the eternal from the ephemeral.” 



19 thoughts on “purple love #flash fiction

    1. Thank you for your wonderful words, dear B. I love purple and white Hyacinths. The harbingers of Easter in some parts of the world. 🙂

  1. What a sensual write and this line just wrapped itself around my mind! I love the idea of gorgeous poetry magically tattooed on skin. “His exquisite poems – written in purple ink – adorned my skin.”


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