Chimera #Glass Lovers

At that time, I began to understand how much Miriam suffered. I thought that the only thing I could do was to take myself out of any encounter with Jacques. And so, I did.


Looking back, that was the first mistake I made. I forced Jacques to transport me from the realm of the real into the realm of his imagination.

With my whole being out of his sight, I freed him to fall in love with me. More precisely to fall in love with a chimera resembling me; a chimera born from the richness and depths of his soul. I became his dream woman, precisely because I was not his woman.


I remember Angelo’s words, one warm autumn evening while we were walking through Place du Tertre watching the work of amateurish artists:

“My dear Clara, your cloistered behavior is ridiculous. It’s not helping at all.”


I retrospect I wish I would have listened to him.


Well, but later Miguel would say:

“Jacques fell in love with you the moment he saw you, Clara. Remember his words that winter evening…”


I remember the words that Jacques uttered that winter evening when we first met him. I always will.

I had a premonition


excerpt from the manuscript Glass Lovers 


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    1. Thank you for commenting. dear B. Always a pleasure to have you reading my work. Indeed, winter is an interesting season in places that have winter. 🙂


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