you are the only kiss #poetry

do not disturb the hidden shadows

which costume the corners of my room

let them sleep in deep lavender scents

do no weaken them from centuries old dreams

and do not ask forgotten loves

how did they passionately used to kiss


deep in the orange silence of my room

into the mist of butterflies which crown my hair

touch me with a dream I’ve never dreamed

for you are the only kiss

which preys upon my mind

and not my lips.




14 thoughts on “you are the only kiss #poetry

    1. Aww… I am glad you like it. thank you for your words and much love to you! On a different note, what happened yesterday breaks my heart. I trust you know what I am talking about. Love again!

      1. I did enjoy it, your write extremely well.

        Yes, it’s horrible. I can’t imagine what those families are going through, all we can do is pray for God to bring comfort to those your are suffering and mourning.

      2. I can’t imagine either. Anyway, try to enjoy your day and thanks again for reading the poem.


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