purple love #flash fiction


His dreams blossomed inside me like jacaranda trees in April.

His exquisite poems – written in purple ink – adorned my skin.

In the dim moonlight lying in bed – all scented in lavender – I ruminate.

A great poet once said: “Extract the eternal from the ephemeral.”

While reading his poems I tried to do just that.

Between lines I found only one thing: love.


Charles Baudelaire: “Extract the eternal from the ephemeral.” 



Chimera #Glass Lovers


At that time, I began to understand how much Miriam suffered. I thought that the only thing I could do was to take myself out of any encounter with Jacques. And so, I did.


Looking back, that was the first mistake I made. I forced Jacques to transport me from the realm of the real into the realm of his imagination.

With my whole being out of his sight, I freed him to fall in love with me. More precisely to fall in love with a chimera resembling me; a chimera born from the richness and depths of his soul. I became his dream woman, precisely because I was not his woman.


I remember Angelo’s words, one warm autumn evening while we were walking through Place du Tertre watching the work of amateurish artists:

“My dear Clara, your cloistered behavior is ridiculous. It’s not helping at all.”


I retrospect I wish I would have listened to him.


Well, but later Miguel would say:

“Jacques fell in love with you the moment he saw you, Clara. Remember his words that winter evening…”


I remember the words that Jacques uttered that winter evening when we first met him. I always will.

I had a premonition


excerpt from the manuscript Glass Lovers 


tattooed love #poetry


on my right arm

tattoo your love

insert the pigment of the legends

under my skin

battered by oceans

color my arm

in scents of red

snatched from Pompei

when the sun sets

insert my soul

with violent gusts of pain

that Lancelot once felt for Guinevere

so, every night I cross myself

i’ll put that love and pain

into the hands of my own god

and then i’ll sleep.



OpenLinkNight #214




fated loves #poetry


remain with me tonight

when books surrender

their wisdom to the deepest sleep

i want your palms to feel

the purple of the jacaranda in the room

i want your eyes to carve again

old mysteries on naked shoulders

on your white shirt

now laying at my feet

i want you to rewrite in red

the Celtic ancient root

of fated loves

like that of Tristan and Isolde

love without compromise.