i am love #poetry

i am the soul

of the unknown

the one

who locked the mystery

of number Pi

within your heart

the one

whose life

was saved

from stoning by

his words

the Desdemona

that Othello couldn’t kill

the Guinevere that Lancelot

had loved

i am the agile hands

that you allow

to spread

Moroccan oil

onto your skin

in moonless nights


i am love.


6 thoughts on “i am love #poetry

    1. By all means! Thank you for your comment! “philosophical-love lyrics if there is such a genre exists” Well, my dear B, if does not exist I am ready to invent it; like in that old french song “Et si tu n’existais pas,
      J’essaierais d’inventer l’amour” If somebody can invent love, I figured out I may be able to invent some kind of new genre 🙂 Always grateful for your comments!


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