ropes of destiny #poetry

you’re looking to the vial

i’m looking to the dagger

neither of us worthy of

the redemption of Verona’s lovers

the die is cast

vain efforts to escape each other

end nowhere


erotic pollen

settles between our skins

it rips my heart apart

it makes your heart bit faster

ropes of destiny

tie us


Prompt: static


8 thoughts on “ropes of destiny #poetry

  1. passionate, clever, with wonderful lines. thank you for sharing!


    Iacta alea est
    the victim is given
    my lips swollen
    the tongue is dry

    Verona forever

    1. Thank you for your wonderful words. I am elated that you like it. The die is cast indeed. Who wrote that?

      1. Ha Ha, so amazing lines and hyperlinks. Why do you think a distinguished author that Caesar likes only one type of writing? Thank you again!


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