Legendary (Arts and Crafts)

Your art of writing poems in my soul

The fury of your talents now unleashed

The legendary movements of my hands

Crafting love words into seraphic sands.


I slightly modified version of this poem was published in The Perfectly Imperfect Bunch


14 thoughts on “Legendary (Arts and Crafts)

  1. Hi, your poem reminds me of one of my poems that I wrote long time ago. I would love to hear your opinion

    On the sand they remain –
    the birds’ steps.

    The sea murmurs
    before the night moon
    The life which
    has left us
    we exchanged
    the sand.
    And how refined
    the grit
    is scattered.
    You cannot
    gather it
    in a hollow of a hand.

    On the sand they remain –
    the birds’ traces.


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