inheritance: don’t cast the stone

oh, don’t cast the stone

my dear reader

before you understand

what kind of love is hidden

into the ripping of the shirt

at midnight

when ancient rituals

are blessing

the meeting of the minds.


don’t cast the stone

my dear reader

until you know thyself

and step

into the wisdom of all ages

coming to know

mermaids from prophets

and courtesans from

Dante’s Beatrice.


and even then

don’t cast the stone

for you are not

without sin.


daily prompt: inheritance 


14 thoughts on “inheritance: don’t cast the stone

    1. Oh, your kind words are much appreciated!!!! I am glad that you enjoy my poems! Also thank you for bringing to my attention that my follow button disappeared. I had no idea. I reported it to WordPress.

      1. Yay! Because I thought I was following you and your stuff isn’t showing up in my feed so I guess I’m NOT following you. Most distressing. 😅 and you are very welcome!

      2. Let’s hope WP can get my follow button back. Waiting to read “maybe because I was born in September” 🙂 Did I tell you that I enjoy your posts tremendously?

      3. *crosses fingers* 😁 maybe I’ll write sometime soon! …only problem is I’m eight weeks ahead on the blog 😳 sooo it may seem like a while before you see it! And I think you have, but it’s always lovely to hear! ❤️


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