…maybe because i was born in october

maybe because

i was born in october

my soul is bathed

in earthy scents

of violet chrysanthemums

my lips pulsate

in the rich murmurs

of languorously moving

feeble orange leaves.


maybe because

i was born in october

my soul is yearning

craving for your kiss.



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12 thoughts on “…maybe because i was born in october

  1. I was also born in October.

    “of languorously moving
    feeble orange leaves.”


    October is rusty
    /with a bit of golden/.
    Sometimes it is blue.
    Sometimes it is blue
    /when we both travel/.

    When the island float.

      1. Oh, yes, the Mediterranean sea, and all those great civilizations that it helped create. Even today it still inspires wonderful poets like you.

  2. Oh, very appreciated! Thanks, but poetry is always subjectively assessed.


    Put your fingers into kalihi*,

    There is nothing there.
    But it is so beautiful.
    Your fingers – kalihi…
    A fresco.
    It remained of Κνωσσός
    in a boundless sea.

    And my eyes.

    *a kind of an oblong goblet of
    Late Minoan epoch

      1. Missolonghi*

        I won’t be by you,
        the lines of your palm.
        I’m too heavy, my girl,
        and you – a light one.
        Let you pass smoothly
        through all the doors
        on the shoulders of everybody
        let you step.
        Like a sound of a love
        to pass by.
        I’m heavy, heavy, my girl
        and my shadow is white.
        And you can see
        and to croon you can
        only to the wind.
        Where shall I stay
        without disturbing.

        Your dream.

        In English, the Greek Kalinihita (?a?????ta means Good Night

    1. I am glad you like it! Thank you! I am waiting for you to write a poem called “maybe because I was born in September” 🙂


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