Venetian Kiss

Let’s kiss into the shadows of the Pala D’Oro

Full moons are bathing Venice into gold

The door of the Basilica was opened

The tale of the Byzantine’s refinement told.


Let’s kiss into the sound of Adriatic waters

And ride Venetian horses built in stone

Let’s change the end of Thomas Mann’s novella

Erasing Death in Venice with our kiss’ cyclone.


Let our kisses be transformed in sparkling chandeliers

Made of Murano glass suspended on the ceilings

Of all the souls who cried in Venice

Unknown, rejected, wounded in their feelings.


Most of you will recognize the work of Gustav Klimt: “The Kiss”. However, the image here is a picture of a copy of his painting made entirely of Murano glass on the Island of Murano, Venice.


12 thoughts on “Venetian Kiss

  1. Very beautiful poetry with bright images and depth! This time I’m surprised by my favorite Klimt theme, all the more that my daughter is a professional glass blower. Please for a link.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! To me glassblowing is an art that I cherish tremendously. If you are asking for a link to the work I cannot give you one. The work is in my collection. I bought it in the Island of Murano. I couldn’t resist.

      1. What you see in the picture is the actual work in glass. It is a bit over 1 cm thick and fixed on a wood panel covered in velvet. The entire work is covered by protective glass and framed. Form the distance it looks like a painting. I will send you a picture to see how it looks on my wall.

  2. If you do not mind. A gift for you about the amazing news from Murano.
    My Interpretation of the Kiss.

    The Man Who Is Silent

    The man who walks on
    Calzada De Los Muertos, speaks
    only in Spanish.
    “… in the remains of yesterday
    rain a bit of Moon is shining.
    Ice too much ice. And the time is
    somehow split up into tomorrow and
    into tomorrow. And the love, oh,
    love is…”
    The man goes on.

    Yonder, on the alley of birds,
    a couple is speaking into gold.


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