betray me


Betray me the night Delilah

Cut in silence Samson’s hair

So I will understand that venom

Can dress itself into seraphic veils.


Betray me the day that Brutus

Betrayed Caesar by the door

So I will understand that darkness

Mostly walks on marble floors.


Betray me on Mount of Olives

The horrid night when Judas betrayed him

So I can bloom into the Sunday morning

Witnessing a beatific era now aborning.


Then let me bathe into the new apotheotic world

And understand the pain of those misunderstood

My hands forever diamonding your painful souls

With faithful kisses carved from scented wood.



9 thoughts on “betray me

  1. “And understand the pain of those misunderstood”!!!


    how fast we surrender
    at the thought
    tomorrow’s shadow
    covers us up
    but we had set off from the place
    not existing on the maps
    from a shore like a pigeon
    we kiss the eyelids of the dead
    but those ones in the mirror we don’t dare
    and we drown in our voices
    till Marathon is an attack
    of a heart
    but who will be the messenger
    for us

    the betrayers

    1. I am so happy that you are here. I enjoy your poetry so much! It is really beautiful!

      “we kiss the eyelids of the dead
      but those ones in the mirror we don’t dare..”

      What does the mirror reflect? Our eyes or those of Judas?

      1. Thanks for the good words! Pleasure is all mine.

        In principle, I leave the reader to find his meaning, his interpretation of the poem. Between the moment of writing and the moment of the author’s interpretation the contexts change. Now I would say that these are the eyes of the other, different from us.


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