Versing Together



And verse for me tonight

The mystery of the Kabbalah

The long forgotten gnostic knowledge

Sung in the evening by cicala.



I’ll verse for you tonight

On Mozart’s splendid magic flute

The scents of violets in the dusk

And the encoded mystic fruit.



Let’s verse together in aromas

Of candles craving to ascend

Ulysses’ s allegorical return

But you know what?

Let’s rush the end.



7 thoughts on “Versing Together

  1. “Ulysses’ s allegorical return
    — Let’s rush the end..?”

    his was Odysseus

    so many things they saw
    looking at the burst
    half-naked children
    sleeping in boxes
    (the air collapsed)
    empty decks
    on ships
    full of hands
    doors twisted
    others beyond
    and I was blind
    I shrugged off my mind
    I stood lower
    from a flower
    lower than expected
    and from the rum
    the border between
    the teeth of the trap break
    marble columns
    or animals
    they eat themselves
    in fact
    every action is pointless
    (the spirit is mobile
    but the soul is a Church)
    lose strength
    from conversations with the dead
    this was Odysseus
    after your return
    from that river
    without sipping

    and our contribution
    of bread
    and in words
    and of humility

  2. Hi B. beautiful poem! “the soul is a Church”

    one day
    i’ll dissolve into the mystic
    of the Balkans
    i’ll be
    a beatific chant
    my eyes will
    glimmer from the altar
    my soul will be
    all love.

    and you know what I meant by “rush the end” 🙂

      1. Wow! You really know what to push my buttons. I wonder why? 🙂 What’s your secret?


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