Midnight Prayer

Give me the power to endure

The wind that’s blowing from the oceans

Its colors mixing earth and sky

With magical, erotic potions.


Give me the power to surrender

To violent, burning rain of kisses

Under forgotten constellations

To understand what your soul misses.


finally now when I’m leaving,


Give me the power to survive

The pain of Mary Magdalene

In the three days of agony

Before the playing of last scene.



9 thoughts on “Midnight Prayer

  1. A very strong and figurative poem in a surreal frame. Here I miss the possible gnostic interpretation of Mary Magdalene’s image and the references to other cultural phenomena. The fact that, instead of the image of Mother Mary, the image of the agonizing Magdalen is included, it is a poetic and spiritual achievement. Thanks for having a chance to read.

    1. Evening prayer

      I am a tree today

      to roots

      to heaven.

      The mower passed the sickle

      like a moon.

      What was unnecessary – cut off

      The remains were burnt,

      to be clean

      as in a picture of Chagall.

      Pray for the dead innocent

      and for children.


    2. Hi B. thank you so much for taking the time to read, and thank you for your beautiful comment! There is no Gnostic interpretation here, indeed. It is Mary Magdalene as we know her. Thank you again for appreciating my poem!


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