As Above, so Below

For ages I have tried to keep you afloat. My arms ached, my body became stiffed, my skin cracked.

In my battered soul, only echoes of pink conches on a faraway beach. I can smell the salty ocean.

I should have spent an eternity loving you. Instead I spent a lifetime defending you.

But, don’t, please, don’t talk! I am here. I will wipe your tears again. See, my fingers are touching your face. My eyes mirror yours. I can feel the heat of your body.

That noise! What was that rampant noise?

Time comes to a halt. The blood stops pulsing in my temples. The wind dies. I can’t feel my dress caressing my hips anymore.  I can’t touch your face. I am losing you. The soil is shaking. The sky is opening. I can’t breathe. I grasp for air.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, your love hits me with the power of forever. I can breathe again.  My arms don’t ache anymore; my body is fluid, my soul transfigures.  A shower of scintillated light envelops me.

Heaven and earth bound together!

As above, so below!

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