Autumn with Michelangelo Buonarroti

Don’t knock into my door, just enter,

You, duchess of the tired souls,

You, autumn dressed in ochre gown

Tell me the story of the Fall.


Adam and Eve, without the leaf?

I heard that one too many times!

And anyway you cannot tell it

As Buonarroti said it once.


“Buonarroti” as in  “Michelangelo Buonarroti.”

Image of the Original Sin by Michelangelo Buonarroti (fragment).


You, ghastly ruler of this world

For you can’t be born

Unless you die,


And you can’t die

Unless you’re born.


You, ghastly ruler of this world,

Remember this:

Next time you’re born

You’ll simply be dismissed.


Your Parthenon will be in ruins,

Your polished crown will turn to sand,

And from the pleasures of this life

Forever you’ll be banned.


Oh, how you’ll miss your tyranny

The blood that you had shed!

Oh, how you’ll long for ecstasy,

And for the terror that you spread!


I will not save you lonely soul,

I can’t for I am not god.

So while you’ll agonize in tears,

I think I will just nod.



You, Stranger (II)


I love you more than anything

You, stranger, you just passed by me

Engulfed by grief, engulfed by loss,

You, stranger who are never free.


I love you more than anything

You shadow laying on the wall

Your shape is dark as his hair was

Your dress resembling a pall.


Are you the shadow of the stranger,

The one who I just passed today?

Are you his soul immersed in sorrow,

Or just a simple god of clay?


As Above, so Below

For ages I have tried to keep you afloat. My arms ached, my body became stiffed, my skin cracked.

In my battered soul, only echoes of pink conches on a faraway beach. I can smell the salty ocean.

I should have spent an eternity loving you. Instead I spent a lifetime defending you.

But, don’t, please, don’t talk! I am here. I will wipe your tears again. See, my fingers are touching your face. My eyes mirror yours. I can feel the heat of your body.

That noise! What was that rampant noise?

Time comes to a halt. The blood stops pulsing in my temples. The wind dies. I can’t feel my dress caressing my hips anymore.  I can’t touch your face. I am losing you. The soil is shaking. The sky is opening. I can’t breathe. I grasp for air.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, your love hits me with the power of forever. I can breathe again.  My arms don’t ache anymore; my body is fluid, my soul transfigures.  A shower of scintillated light envelops me.

Heaven and earth bound together!

As above, so below!

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